Make a Donation

Pebble Hill is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, interpreting, and presenting the property to the public through art, antiques, furnishings, history, gardening, and human interest. Your support is vital to the future of our 60 historic structures, 3,000 acres, and many animals.

If you are an IRA owner 70½ years or older, please consider a Qualified Charitable Contribution to Pebble Hill. During the year, distributions from your IRA typically increase your taxable income, which means you pay income tax on these distributions. However, these distributions become tax-free as long as they are paid directly from the IRA to an eligible charitable organization. Your IRA Rollover Gift must be made before December 31st to benefit the calendar year.

If you are not an IRA owner, but would like to donate to Pebble Hill, remember that December 31 is the last day to make a contribution which may qualify for a federal income tax deduction on your return for calendar year taxpayers.

Including Pebble Hill in your estate planning is also another way to help preserve Pebble Hill for future generations. All gifts can be made to honor or remember a loved one.

For questions about charitable giving opportunities, please contact or call 229-227-5381.