The Gardens by Ethelwyn Harrison

The landscape plans for the main grounds were developed by Ethelwyn Harrison from the late 1920’s to the early l930’s. Miss Harrison was a landscape architect in Cleveland, Ohio when she was commissioned by Kate Hanna Harvey to create Pebble Hill’s design. She framed the Main House with numerous camellia bushes, dogwoods, magnolias, azaleas, tea olives, and Cherokee roses. A century plant stood tall by the east entrance. A shrubbery maze on the front lawn has been a particular delight of youngsters over the years. Crabapple Walk adds interest on the east lawn. Miss Harrison’s goal was to create a setting that would be its prettiest in winter and early spring when the Hanna family was in residence and welcoming houseguests regularly. Miss Harrison was born in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1892. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Landscape Design from the University of Michigan in 1916, she worked in landscape design in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.