Museum & Art Collections

The holdings of Pebble Hill Museum include collections of outstanding fine art, lovely decorative arts, and antique furniture and furnishings. These collections are displayed in the Main House and can be seen as part of the Grand Tour, (Main House, Elisabeth Ireland Poe Gallery and the grounds). The Pebble Hill Museum also contains an extensive collection of antique carriages and hunt wagons which are displayed in the Carriage Room of the Stables Complex. Additionally, 19th and 20th century riding equipment and artifacts are displayed in the Visitor Center, the Tack Room and other areas of the Stables Complex.

Kate Hanna Ireland Harvey amassed a large collection of 1st edition plates from John James Audubon’s Bird’s of North America. The subjects of these thirty three plates are all birds found in Southwest Georgia. This collection is primarily hanging in the first floor hallways. Pansy, the sportswoman, collected numerous painting by both the greatest English and American master painters of Sporting Art. Most of this collection is hanging in the second floor Elisabeth Ireland Poe Gallery.

Articles describing the Pebble Hill Museum’s holdings are posted here. Also, check the archives by clicking this link for additional information about the museum and its collections.