Current Exhibit

The Elisabeth Ireland Poe Collection: A Rediscovery

Pebble Hill Plantation is an outstanding representation of the material culture of a twentieth-century American sporting estate. Its purpose, traditions, and prestige were founded and carried on by a mother and daughter, Kate Hanna Harvey, 1901-1936, and Elisabeth “Pansy” Ireland Poe, 1936-1978. Their accumulation of fine art, furnishings, and decorative art reflect the passions of the two women and the lifestyle they enjoyed in Thomasville, Georgia.

The purpose of “A Rediscovery” is to showcase some of the rarely seen paintings, sculptures, objects, and artifacts that are on display throughout the house but are typically behind glass or at a distance too far to allow for close inspection. The exhibit also brings together featured artwork with rediscovered provenance and supporting material that has never been on public view.

“A Rediscovery” offers a glimpse into the motivation behind the collection, how it began, how it developed, and the definitive outcome.